I have a background in Linguistics and Data Science, I work mainly with Python, GoLang, Docker, Git, SQL, Terraform and GCP.

I have also experience with IoT devices and machine learning models deployed on edge computing devices, such as the google coral and Nvidia Jetson series.

I am very passionate about Linux, everything open-source and FOSS. In my spare time I like to build small webapps that, usually, offer services in the NLP or computational linguistics domains. I also like to learn about and experiment with Pandas tricks and optimized solutions. Emacs is my editor of choice, although for bigger Python projects I prefer to use PyCharm.

Aside from technology, I like to work out, hike, travel, watch TV series and game.

Main distros I am using at the moment are PopOS and Ubuntu, although I tend to run Void or Lubuntu on older hardware.